Do Your Carpets Pass The Smell Test?

Do Your Carpets Pass The Smell Test?

Find carpet cleaners in the Lutz or Wesley Chapel, FL area

When you notice a bad odor in your home, you need to call a professional carpet cleaning company. The carpet cleaners at Anytime Carpet & Floor Cleaning, LLC are experienced with removing odors from homes located throughout Lutz and Wesley Chapel, FL.

Don't wait for your in-laws to unexpectedly drop by and complain about your smelly house. Our expert carpet cleaners will clean your flooring to make it as good as new. Call us at 813-817-1427 as soon as you detect a foul stench in your carpets and rugs.

3 reasons your carpets smell

You generally think that your bathroom is the culprit when there are foul odors in your home. This isn't always the case-your carpets and rugs can cause a strong stench that permeates your house.

There are three main sources of bad-smelling carpets, including:

  • Food trapped in the fibers
  • Dirt ground into your carpets
  • Moisture from spills, humidity or faulty HVAC systems
You can't trust your vacuum cleaner to remove these odor-causing particles - but you can trust us. Contact Anytime Carpet & Floor Cleaning today to breathe in fresh air. Our carpet cleaning company serves the Lutz and Wesley Chapel, FL areas.